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Background information about a given product or brand is very important to the average consumer. It helps them discover some of the most impressive products that are available while warning them against substandard goods and services. In the past days, consumers relied on the information they received from people they’d trust like journalists and magazines like the consumer report magazine.

In today’s world, nearly everything worth purchasing is bought online. The pressure of ensuring that whatever they are buying fits the bill is on the consumer as he or she is expected to buy the right products after thorough research.

To fulfill this need, many e-commerce websites have a reviews system put in place to enable the consumers discover some of the best service providers/products they might need. In addition, the consumer also relies on outside information on review websites, affiliate websites, etc. to gather as much info as he or she needs to buy.

Students vs. essay writing agencies

Essay writing agencies and the students have a unique relationship. The former links students to various professional paper writers across the world for a fee of the transaction. Although this sounds smooth sailing, lack of the proper reviews, customer reviews in particular, makes it harder for the student to make a buying decision they would have made on a regular e-commerce website. Instead, the student has to check out reviews on a website like to discover what essay writing company they should use.

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Why review custom essay writers

Although there are many essay writing companies out there, only a handful among them do an excellent job with regards to surviving students. Students complain consistently about the group of custom writing services that exploit their trust. The purpose of this website is to protect the student from such companies. In addition to that, having all the information the student is most likely to need before hiring an essay writing agency also helps to save time.

How it works

When students spend money buying custom essays, at the end of it, all of them have a story to tell. We collect their feedback about working with various writing companies and use the outcome to list some of their favorites. To enrich the ratings, we also publish the comment they leave us to enable our users make the best decisions.

In addition to this, we also ask some of our experts to write summary reviews for every agency.